C/K Fire Board Acts In Best Interest Of The Community



In response to the article about the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Board: I was the fire chief there for five years from 1995 until 2000. During that time, the fire board was very understanding of the district's needs and did their best to see to it that I had whatever I needed to fulfill my duties as the chief in order to benefit and protect the community without raising the taxes needlessly.

From the current budget, which is substantially higher than when I left, I feel the fire department is being treated fairly by this board even though it is not as much as the department personnel would have wanted, hence the statement of why they just recently found problems with this board.

Now, with a petition for recall, the taxpayers will be paying needlessly for an election of a (possible) new board. I would like to encourage the residents of the community to reinstate the same fire board for the good of their community. I would still be chief today except for one resident of Ponderosa Springs. I did not need the stress of this man's threats and false accusations.

This fire board did not cause me to resign and had very good reason to replace the chief who took over after I resigned.

Ray Larsen, Christopher Creek

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