Hooray For Roundup Intern



I am writing to encourage Amanda Lee Myers. Hooray for you. I want all of my neighbors to have groceries and health care. I cannot tell by the color of their skin or by their language if they are "legal" or "illegal" and I don't care. I hate those terms. They are my neighbors.

Some of my neighbors see me working in my yard and offer to cut weeds with a weed eater for $25. Others see me working and offer to help pull weeds by hand, for free, because they are neighbors. Guess which ones are from Mexico or other countries south of our border?

How do those who hate spending comparatively few taxes on health care and groceries for people who live here feel about spending one billion dollars per day providing similar for an entire foreign country? If the American corporations who have operations in Mexico, Central and South America had to pay American wages, there would be more opportunities for improvement for the people of those countries. Instead, we take further advantage of them.

Calling some "criminals" or "burglars" is unconscionable, destructive, divisive and completely unnecessary unless you include WASP, Italian, Oriental, Irish, English, etc., etc., as there exist those who will take advantage of "the system" in every race. But it is our system. What are you teaching your children who attend school with others of all races?

This country was established for the purpose of providing all people a free place to live and work. Our immigrants have always started by living in poverty and doing the work that others rejected. Some of my own ancestors were big bullies from Ireland, well-suited for police work in Chicago where early law enforcement was done by fists. I appreciate their hard work so I can live here and thrive. When my father started a business in Phoenix in 1945, before fork-lifts, he hand-unloaded railroad boxcars full of bags of cement. His first helper, Esteban (Steve), spoke only Spanish. I extend very best wishes for success to my Latino neighbors whether they were born in Arizona or "parts South."

Remember "Give me your poor, your tired, your hungry..."? Thank you, Amanda.

Diane Mulvey, Payson

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