Srp Has Nothing To Do With Ethics, Morality



I read (the editorial) regarding SRP (July 22 Roundup). It was very good as far as it went. Almost 100 percent of elected officials and public employees will not publicly advocate breaking "laws." However, the water laws that SRP uses to steal our water have nothing to do with ethics or morality.

There are many things that individual property owners can do, and should do, to retain more water in Payson. In the rains of last Wednesday and Saturday, we probably lost millions of gallons of water to the Valley, none of which ran off my property. Also, no gravel, dirt or debris left my property to be in the ditches, roads, or sewers of Payson.

I generally agree with the concept of Xeriscape/Sterilescape as far as the issue of low water usage goes. However, most properties that are landscaped that way are not environmentally friendly. The gravel is usually underlaid with plastic that prevents water from soaking into our aquifer. When the only power that causes something green to start growing in an otherwise sterile yard, many owners use some type of herbicide to poison it to death without considering the consequences. During the next rain, the leftover poisons wash away into the ditches and sewers, some of which also goes into our aquifer. Some may not realize that all herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, miticides, insecticides, and so forth are carcinogenic. In other words, it is bad for our health.

We property owners must stand up and do whatever it takes to encourage more water to stay in our area as well as protect ourselves and our families from poisons. Function is a critical factor on any piece of property. We need to pull together to prevent erosion, minimize runoff, increase water absorption into the ground and keep more water in Payson.

Mike Voden, Payson

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