Stabbing Suspect At Large


Police are searching for the suspect in a random stabbing that took place Friday night just outside the Buffalo Bar and Grill on South Beeline Highway.

"At approximately 9:20 p.m., Friday night a 911 call was made where a man was bleeding in the parking lot and was the victim of a stabbing," Payson Police Det. Matt Vancamp said.

According to Vancamp, the male victim and his girlfriend were walking toward the bar entrance as the suspect was leaving when the stabbing occurred.

"The victim of the crime was walking from his vehicle to the bar," Vancamp said, "and the suspect was being escorted out of the bar by patrons because just minutes prior he had pulled his knife out and attempted to stab an employee of the bar.

"After they escorted him out, he was walking past the victim and without any words to the victim, stabbed him in the chest and kept walking. He got in his vehicle and drove off."

The suspect was described by witnesses in the bar as intoxicated and belligerent.

"He was asked to leave and got upset and lunged at the waitress with a knife," Vancamp said. "Once he got outside, he was still angry apparently."

The suspect stabbed the victim with what police describe as a silver fold-out knife.

When police officers responded, the suspect fled in a blue four-door sedan with handicapped plates, Vancamp said.

Witnesses had never seen the suspect before in the Buffalo and no one could identify him.

"Nobody knows who he is," Vancamp said. "We interviewed everyone inside and outside the bar we couldn't find any witnesses who had seen this person before."

The stabbing victim was air-lifted to a Phoenix hospital, where he underwent surgery and is expected to recover.

The suspect is described as a white male, about six feet tall, 200 pounds wearing a red-and-white shirt and blue jeans. Anyone with information is asked to contact Vancamp at 474-5177.

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