Growth Has Increased Burden On Taxpayers



Will the voters be ignored again?

Here we go again. The council is asking the people of Payson to vote for the proposed bond issue. But, will they listen to the people?

Not too many years ago, Payson voters voted down to provide funds for a new fire station and a new police station. What happened? They built it anyway. Again, the people voted down funds for a new library. And, again, the town built it anyway. I am not saying that we didn't need these facilities, but were the Payson voters listened to? One has to wonder if the town had not spent the funds for these facilities, would they need a bond issue at this time?

If this bond issue passes, the people of Payson will be paying the principal and interest long after the present town council is a bad memory. What will future council members think up next to tax the citizens of Payson?

I am sure that most property owners are aware how much our property taxes have gone up. Now they (the Payson council) want to add to that burden.

Growth to me, in my opinion, has only increased property taxes, increased waste in spending.

Be aware that there are council members now that were in office when they ignored the voters of Payson. Is that not arrogant?

Jerry Bessler, Payson

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