Look At Illegal Immigration Logically, Not Emotionally



It has come to my attention that there is a lot of debate as of late about the illegal immigration problem that this state has. It is to such a degree that it is becoming quite dangerous and impossible to ignore. What outcome could anybody see from this outpouring of illegal immigrants other than a huge disaster? But to see this danger not only for our state, but this entire country, you must first use common sense and logic and not blind emotion.

Sure, the immigrants that come here are good people and work hard. That is not disputed, and I am sure that people who are not for this illegal activity as well can agree. It is nothing personal against them. There is nothing racist about guarding one's borders. We must detach our feelings and look at the scenario with logic instead of feelings. Is this good for the country? If this continues, can America avoid disaster? The obvious answer for both questions for anybody that is using insight and desecration is no.

In China, they cut down the legal amount of children to one. After this, barely any of the families wanted their one child to be female, but rather preferred a male. So, unfortunately, a majority of the females were aborted. Then, in China, it came to the outcome that the population became a majority of males with barely any women for them to marry. It would be obvious to deduct the outcome, but none-the-less Chinese males looked around baffled that there were no women to wed. The correlation between this and what is happening here in America is, when a country does not think out its actions, calamity will come in great quantity. Likewise, we will be looking around scratching our heads baffled at what has happened to our country, even as obvious as it is now that disaster will occur. The predictability that consequences would happen is the same, the only question is how much harm will come to America if the illegal immigrants keep coming in? Do you want to find out?

So, now that this is clarified, the bottom line then is, what can we do about it? I believe we have to make it very clear to those that represent our state that this no longer will be tolerated. We must protect our borders, or the cost of our looking the other way may be disastrous for the next generations to come. So, I plead to you people of Payson, do what you can to prevent this. Remember, nothing will happen if you stay silent. Brainstorm what you can do, or what could be done if everyone puts their heads together and presses forward in action a resolution could take place.

O.A. Walker, Payson

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