Mvd Punishes You Whether Needed Or Not



Beware the MVD.

About a year ago I bought a new motorcycle for trips around town and just for fun. When I got the bike, I went to the local MVD office and took the test for a motorcycle operator's license. They informed me the license is issued in two parts, a temporary license is issued until you do a riding test, and is good for six months with one renewal. Because we live in Payson, and there is no facility here for a riding test, you must go to Cottonwood or Flagstaff for the test.

However, very soon after I bought the cycle, my wife became very ill and we spent many months at hospitals in Houston and Phoenix. After she passed away in June of this year, I came home and determined my temporary license had expired, so I decided to pay the fee and start all over again. But, when I handed my application to the agent, she informed me I could not apply for a license for two years after I applied the first time! This means I cannot ride my bike, or even apply for a license, until July of 2004.

So, beware of trying to conform to the MVD rules and be a law abiding person, they will punish you whether you need it or not.

Don Haedt, Payson

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