Music Man Comes By It Naturally



At the age of 22, Augustus "Gus" Harless has already performed in several different venues and has had plenty of exposure in the music world. Son of local musician "Shakey" Joe Harless, it is little wonder where Gus gets his talent.

Usually seen with his uniquely embellished acoustic guitar, Gus performs original songs.


Augustus "Gus" Harless

"He is a gifted writer," Joe said of his son. "A few of his songs have been used by organizations down in the Valley."

Although he now lives in the Valley, Gus grew up in Payson and could be seen frequently performing at his father's Songwriter's Cafe on Friday nights.

He continues to spend time in Payson performing at the Songwriter's Cafe or with other talents. This last weekend he joined his father playing at Safeway to expose shoppers to the blues and promote the upcoming June Bug Blues Festival. Joe has organized the music event for the past 10 years, bringing big talents to a small town.

Gus also joined premier blues artist and family friend, Walkin' Cane Mark, Saturday night when he performed at Famous Sam's.

With his long blond locks, piercing grey-blue eyes and elaborately tattooed arms, Gus has also discovered a career in modeling.

His true passion, though, is music and his mercurial personality is evidence that he is an artist, through and through.

According to Joe, Gus is also planning on attending college to study English literature.

This weekend, Payson residents will see plenty of Gus as he will be performing between sets at the June Bug Blues Festival this Saturday and Sunday at Rumsey Park.

Gus appears to have an artist's blood running through his veins. Whether it's performing, writing, or some other form of artistic expression, his harnessed creativity has already brought Gus some much deserved attention.


Name: Augustus Harless

Occupation: Musician/Model

Employer: The Sky Above

Age: 22

Birthplace: Phoenix

Family: The best one around.

Favorite quote: "He who sees the flowers first is also the first to feel the thorns" -- Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

Inspiration: The first amendment. It allows the power of music to bring people together.

Greatest feat: While playing at an old folks home, I helped a woman to dance and swing when she was otherwise unable to move.

Favorite hobby: Jammin'!

The three words that describe me best are ... Passionate, rhythmic, soul music -- that's four words.

I don't want to brag but ... I don't want to brag.

The performer I'd most like to meet: Chuck Berry for his ability to bring people together with song. Listen to the London Sessions with Berry -- "My Ding A-ling" is a beautiful example of the togetherness we should all strive to achieve.

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