Riddle Kept Rehab Group Motivated



This letter (like many you will be receiving) is in regard, and protest, to the firing of Diane Riddle from the rehab group she ran for the Health Alliance at PRMC.

Because of Diane, her spirit, her knowledge and her caring ways, this group of almost 30 seniors in failing cardiac or respiratory health have regained a spirit and wellness beyond their, or their families', expectations.

Exercise is not fun for everyone, especially the sick, weak and elderly. A majority of them are recovering from major bypass surgery, a heart attack, or stroke -- some walking with canes, and toting oxygen. For these people, it can be a struggle just to get out of bed in the morning. But -- and this is the important part -- they do it, despite how they are feeling, because of Diane! She motivates everyone in her classes by her kind words, her knowledge, her great sense of humor, and her contagious laugh. She makes everyone feel so special and happy that they continue to come back day after day, week after week, and year after year.

My husband, a retired M.D., has had the misfortune of having a major heart attack, bypass surgery, and a stroke. He obviously knows that lifestyle changes, including exercise, are very important. Yet, until he joined Diane's group, he never could motivate himself to "keep at it." And now, with her being fired, he is talking about quitting again.

This group is not about the Health Alliance Board and their "issues" with Diane. It is about the adults who need and depend on her for the inspiration they need to fight for the most important thing on earth - their health. How dare "the board" take that away.

Pat Brown, R.N., Payson

(Editor's note: The Roundup has received a few letters regarding the Mogollon Health Alliance program. Watch the Friday Roundup for an article about the program, and what MHA has in store for its cardio-rehab patients.)

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