Seniors Getting The Short End Of Stick



The "Geritol Gentry" in Payson had better put their La-Z-Boy recliners in mothballs and vote the next time around, or we can change the name of the city council to the Bob Ware Warriors.

Case in point: Senior Center requests $50,000 support. Council committee cuts 40 percent and recommends $30,000. Rim Country Economic Development Committee requests $45,000 and they get 100 percent. Councilman Buettner says they do "such a good job."

Case in point: If they do "such a good job"--why? Recent story 5-29-03 in The Arizona Republic about how great it is to go to the high country and play golf in the cool pines. Payson has three golf courses, and lots of cool pines, but Payson was not only not mentioned but the map in the paper left out Payson, the Beeline and 260. What happened?

So our priorities evidently are as follows: Senior Center (no city council representation) has no way to fund our needy senior citizens. So, cut 40 percent.

At last count, the "Geritol Gentry" (and I am one) represent 65 percent of the city population. Come out of retirement and get involved. Run for council and vote, vote, vote, vote. It is your responsibility.

Jim Matych, Payson

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