What Makes A Real Man?


What characteristics should a good man possess? Members of Rim Country Men's Ministries, an organization made up of local men's ministry leaders, recently pondered this question. What began as a moment captured in a photograph, resulted in the creation of "The Real Man Award."

According to retired pastor Jerry Green, the award is meant to be an encouragement to "real men" -- those who love their God with all their heart, who place a very high priority on their family, and who serve as role models in their job and our community."

The inspiration for the first annual award came after members of the group saw a photograph of local father Jaime Silva with two of his sons at Payson's Veterans Day observance. Green writes, "As that picture was noticed by others, it was discovered that Jaime was not just an excellent role model for his two sons with him, but also for his three other children, for students at Payson Elementary School (where Jaime works), and for others in our community. He also is much loved and highly admired by his wife, Shari. She also is a great role model and busy parent, as she home-schools their children. Jaime Silva was the unanimous selection for this much-deserved Real Man Award."

I congratulate Mr. Silva and thank the Men's Ministries for bringing this award to our attention.

Recognizing the qualities of good men is especially appropriate as Father's Day approaches. In a day when families need fortifying, here are a few character traits all of us, as men, should strive to possess:

Honesty: endeavors to tell the truth; is sincere; does not mislead or withhold key information in a relationship of trust.

Integrity: stands up for what is right and tries to be his best self.

Keeps promises: especially promises to his wife and children; honors commitments; pays his debts.

Loyalty: recognizes that loyalty to his own family should come before loyalty to his friends.

Responsibility: thinks before he acts; considers consequences and is accountable; not too proud to offer an apology.

Diligence: pursues excellence and is not considered lazy or a quitter.

Kindness/Caring: shows he cares through his actions, never striking or threatening a woman or child in anger, or ruling anyone with fear.

Respectful: understands common courtesy; is tolerant, appreciative, and accepting of differences.

Fairness: treats people fairly; keeps an open mind and listens to others.

Good citizenship: obeys the laws of the land; respects authority and, through his example, teaches his children to do the same.

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