Early High Temps Mean Early Fire Restrictions



I cannot remember it being this hot this early in the year, and because it is extremely warm and there is not a lot of moisture to speak of the Christopher/ Kohl's Fire District is under current fire restrictions. All burn permits are suspended. There is to be no open burning.

Smoking is allowed but only in vehicles, buildings, or a cleared area at least three feet in diameter. Campfires are allowed but only in approved campsites.

Because of the heat everyone is watering, but we need to remember there isn't a lot of moisture, so water only when necessary. Sprinklers that waste water should not be used. Try to control your watering and limit it. Those of you trying to save your tall ponderosas, a drip system is the way to go. Constantly watering will not help. It needs to get to the roots slowly.

Remember Lucky 13, the elk I wrote about in the past? He would come and visit the residents here in Hunter Creek and we considered him our pet. He has a tag numbered 13 on his left ear that Game and Fish gave him to keep track of him.

Well, my daughter and I were out riding in the golf cart the other night and there he was in the meadow below us. And, I must tell you he is magnificent -- he is a 5 by 5 and in full velvet. Unfortunately I did not have my camera, but I hope to get a picture of him soon.

How fortunate we are to live in the forest and have such beautiful wildlife around us. I thought he had moved up to cooler temperatures, but I guess he likes it here.

Jimmy Buffet Celebration

The Landmark is having a Jimmy Buffet Celebration on June 13-14, Parrots in the Pines. Friday, entertainment by TBA; Saturday, afternoon, Ray Cody out on the deck; Saturday night, Mark Milligin, recording artist in from Mexico just for this special engagement. And a charity outdoor festival.

Birthdays: Terry Diehl, June 5; Power Webb and Vicky Grootegood, June 12; Michael Hannun, June 13; Tyler Kilbourne, June 14; Richard Wood, June 22; Alice Lawlin, June 29; and Scotty VanEckhoutte, June 30. Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday.

Do you like to fish? How about for free? Well, this Saturday, June 7 you can fish for free. All lakes and creeks. No license required. So, what are you waiting for? Head up to the Rim and have a great day of free fishing on Game and Fish. I know where I am going to be Saturday.

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