Residents Concerned About Atv Enthusiasts



The weeks have been flying by at the Snyder household with enough projects going to cut into my fishing time.

We have been scraping floors, painting walls and ceilings and, on top of that, our S-10 pickup needed repair. It needed new tie-rods and an alignment this week. The S-10 has 90,000 miles on it, so it was definitely due for some fine tuning.

Courtesy call

Tonto Village was rather busy and noisy this past weekend with riders on quads creating dust and noise well into the late evening hours.

Many of my neighbors would like the noise and dust levels to be toned down so that other residents can leave their windows open at night and enjoy the cool evenings. Let us all make an effort to keep the noise level down at night and be more respectful of the rest of the villagers.

The recommended size and minimum age recommended by the ATV Safety Institute and ATV manufacturers is: under 70cc, 6 years and older; 70cc to 90cc, 12 years and older; over 90cc, 16 years and older. Please go by this recommendation for the safety of your children.

The Arizona Off-Road/RV registration plate on your ATV or trail bike only indicates that the machine has been titled in the state of Arizona. It is not a registration plate and does not allow you to ride on roads that require your vehicle to be registered. Contact the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department for more information on the equipment and inspections needed to register ATVs for public roads.

Back from vacation

Phyllis Mullen just returned from a two-week vacation to Charlotte, N.C. Phyllis enjoyed her visit with her brother and sister-in-law, Jim and Sue Spurlock. She did mention that it rained just about the whole time she was there, but it felt wonderful. She said she would have liked to have brought some of that moisture home to Arizona with her.

Phyllis' brother, Jim, owns a cabin that overlooks the New River, and they spend some very restful time there.

Grace Daniels and her daughter, Connie Weldon, have just returned from a one-week stay in Hamilton, Mont. Grace's family held a memorial service for a family member and then had a family reunion afterward. Connie had not seen her cousins, aunts and uncles since she was very young, so it was a good opportunity to become reacquainted with her relatives.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

A belated anniversary congratulations to Danny and Ethel Cain. Their 23rd wedding anniversary was on May 21 and they both forgot it. They now get to plan a belated celebration for themselves. Happy anniversary to you both, Danny and Ethel.

Pool shots

Bo Mathews, Ethel Cain and Pat Bates were the top three winners in the ladies night games on Tuesday. There was no person there wearing a dress and sporting a mustache this week. We'll be watching for this person.

Cliff Landrum, Doug Paul and Brett Zekoff shot for the three top spots on Sunday afternoon. Did anyone see a female wearing pants and a mustache?

Fire District news

The Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary will meet at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 7 at the fire station. Items to be discussed will be fund-raisers for both the Fourth of July celebration and the Labor Day barbeque. We need all members to be at the meeting for your input.

Also, the fire board has requested that the auxiliary attend the meeting on June 14. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. at the fire station. Please wear your red, fire station shirt. We need to be there in full force.

Play time

Make plans to attend the musical melodrama entitled "We Found Gold" or "Always Wash Your Dirty Shirt 'Cause It Makes A Lotta Cents" at the Christopher Creek Latter-day Saints church. Many of the cast members and behind-the-scenes people are from Tonto Village and the surrounding area.

This year we have two directors, Joanie Marshall and Joan Stradling. We also have two choreographers, Dottie Cobb and Brenda Slapnicka. The original music and script were created by the multi-talented Wanda Palmer. The piano will again be skillfully played by Linda Croy.

The musical melodrama will be at 7 p.m. June 19, 20 and 21, with an afternoon performance on June 21.

Next week the cast will be published in this column, along with the behind-the-scenes people. As always, the performances are free of charge, but you still must have a ticket, as seating is limited. Call Pam McDaniel at 478-0313 any evening to reserve your tickets.

Mark your calendars now, so you don't forget. You will have a very enjoyable evening of entertainment.

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