Seminar To Help With Financial Management


When was the last time you had a eureka moment? You may not be able to put it into words, but once you have one you'll remember it for a long time.

Some say this ephemeral sensation is likened to when the galaxies begin to blaze, a rainbow appears on a cloudless day, and the water of seas part. As you can imagine, these moments are special.

Remembering the first time you saw your child's face at birth or being dealt a royal flush in poker are good eureka candidates, though. Realizing you could ride a bike without your dad or mom holding you parallel or concluding that life is worth living without your soul mate are most-memorable events, too.

To qualify as a eureka moment, it is imperative that most of your synapses must fire at roughly the same time. Your mind must immediately assimilate the value of the moment and imprint that incident into the best of your gray matter. Screaming is up to you.

Like Archimedes, as he jumped from his tub and ran naked through the village streets shouting "EUREKA," a eureka moment can happen anywhere and at any time.

These moments occur in business as well. Often, business owners are not in the right frame of mind to appreciate them because they are so busy "taking care of business."

It is part of the "can't see the forest because of the trees" syndrome that besets us all.

On June 18 and 19, a life-changing business seminar is going to be held at Gila Community College. It will deal with Financial Management for the Closely Held Business.

Sponsored by Compass Bank, Small Business Administration, the Arizona Small Business Development Corporation, Pima County Community College District and Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce, the 16-hour seminar will focus on practical techniques that are vital to running a successful business.

Since businesses face tough challenges and will always have unique opportunities, the owners and managers must know how to respond. Profit will be earned or lost because of insightful decisions or lack of information.

The seminar, taught by David Enger of BBI Financial, will specifically cover understanding the nuances of why businesses fail, effective use of financial statements and cash budgeting, and planning strategies. In addition, the high-powered course will focus on financial forecasting, valuing your business, structuring debt, and building a quality service culture.

The tax-deductible education is just $225 for Chamber of Commerce members. Future Chamber members will invest $250. The fee includes text, workbook, seminar materials, two continental breakfasts and lunches.

The June 18 and 19 financial management seminar is limited to 45 attendees. To make reservations, or for additional information, please call Carolyn Fruth at Compass Bank (928-474-9679). Enrollment forms are available at the Chamber's visitor center in Payson, as well.

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