Senior Circle Hosts Men's Health Fair


It's not too late to register for Payson Regional Senior Circle's Men's Health Fair.

Senior Circle, part of Payson Regional Medical Center, will be providing screenings, informational handouts and classes.

The Tuesday, June 10 fair is part of Senior Circle's focus on men's health.

"This is men's month, so let's honor them and give them some tools so they can live longer," Senior Circle director Corey Houghton said.

The fair includes screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer and high cholesterol.

"The tests, alone, are about a $400 value," Houghton said.

Handouts discuss common health issues in men such as low testosterone and prostate cancer.

Classes include a demonstration on healthy grilling and understanding insurance coverage.

Houghton is a big proponent of health education and advocacy.

"I know many women who move up here to have a long, healthy and happy retirement with their husbands and then their husbands fall ill," Houghton said.

"Many times they are having symptoms but are afraid to go to the doctor."

Houghton emphasizes the importance of early detection.

"In this day and age, think about how many people survive all kinds of disease," Houghton said.

Participants get a continental breakfast and lunch. The total package included in the Men's Health Fair is worth more than $800.

The fair, which goes from 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., is free to Circle members; nonmembers over 50 may attend for $40.

Father's Day luncheon

Senior Circle is also hosting a Father's Day luncheon Monday, June 16. The luncheon will be catered by PRMC, and Houghton will speak on the importance of having good health and being your own advocate.

For more information on these events or to register, call 468-1012.

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