Tired Of Watching Our Forests Die



First let me congratulate the U.S. House of Representatives for voting to protect our natural resources by supporting the Healthy Forests Restoration Act 2003.

I'm tired of seeing our forests burn each summer. Last summer alone, we lost more than 7 million acres of forests to catastrophic fires. Only time will tell the damage these fires did to our water and air quality ... as well as the critical habitat for animals.

I'm tired of watching trees die all around me from the beetle bug infestation that could kill 100 percent of our ponderosa pines.

It's time to stop the talking ... stop the endless lawsuits from radical environmental groups ... and most important, stop the environmental destruction caused by catastrophic fires and disease.

I'm very thankful that our two Senators, McCain and Kyl, understand the importance of forest health and modernizing our regulations so that science can take the lead in restoring our forest lands. I hope the Senate will act quickly and pass the Healthy Forest Restoration Act 2003 so that our forest environment can be saved for generations to come. We must take this issue seriously.

Sylvia Allen, Heber

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