Where Have All The Good Waitresses Gone?



Payson seems to have a problem, a big problem. Decent waiters and waitresses.

Everywhere and I mean everywhere we go, the service is bad, bad, bad. From total ignoring the customer, to not caring whether they get the correct order to the correct person or not. I refer to it as the Payson gene pool, because even if one restaurant fires the employee, they just go to another restaurant and you keep seeing the same people serving or better yet "not serving" you.

Have any of you waitresses and waiters ever been out to dinner? A host or hostess greets and seats you, possibly bringing you water, coffee, or iced tea and tells you your waiter with be with you momentarily. This never seems to happen except in two restaurants I can think of, one is the Crosswinds Restaurant at the airport, great people, great service, great food and the other are the kids at Chili's, always greet you, seat you, and we have never waited more than a couple of minutes for the server to come and take a drink order.

We can't even get our salads or soup before our meal without begging and one waitress even served it as she also brought our food order and she said well there isn't enough room to put everything! Duhhh! That same waitress also brought our desserts 2 minutes after she brought our food.

Take note restaurants of Payson, we love your town, soon to be ours, and want to enjoy our time there, but going out to eat certainly isn't fun. Young entrepreneurs: Here is an excellent opportunity to open a new business, the Payson School of Waitressing.

Judy Chlupsa, Future Payson resident

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