Adeq Releases Study On Payson Pce Site


The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has completed the feasibility study on the area that was contaminated with the dry cleaning solvent, tetrachlorethlene (PCE). PCE is described as a probable human carcinogen.

The site, known as the Payson PCE site, is bounded by Frontier Street to the north, the Beeline Highway to the east, Aero Drive to the south and McLane Road to the west.

The site boundaries provide the estimated extent of currently known contamination.

The feasibility study identifies a remedy and alternative remedies that will achieve the remedial objectives. Normally, the study would be conducted prior to clean up efforts but given the high levels of PCE discovered in the groundwater and the potential contamination of the town's main water supply, an early response action was taken.

A water treatment facility was constructed that pulls the contaminated water through carbon filters. Contaminated soils around the area were treated with a soil vapor extraction system.

The remediation has proven successful in reducing levels of PCE to below EPA and state water quality standards.

The feasibility study will cover what actions have already been taken as well as potential future actions to keep contaminants at acceptable levels.

Following legal guidelines, ADEQ will prepare a proposed remedial action plan for the site which the public will have the opportunity to review.

A copy of the feasibility study report is available at the Payson Public Library, 328 North McLane Road

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