Bring Our Troops Home Now



Those now ‘belly aching' about "Weapons of Mass Destruction" should keep an eye out for our troops' morale, and should consider rotating our troops as soon as possible. We should consider international cooperation, by being conciliatory with the United Nations, and request the United Nations and NATO allies to assist in the pacification and reconstruction of Iraq. We definitely cannot, and should not, try to carry the load.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should reassess the current situation. Our troops are falling into the same situation as the Israelis and Palestinians with suicide bombing, ambushes, and open warfare. Very little is being mentioned about the ongoing danger and sacrifices our troops are now facing.

We could start rotating our combat troops ASAP. I don't claim to have the answers, but I know what it feels like walking the point, the flanks, or bringing up the rear. I was a combat rifleman in three wars. I still carry the scars and lingering pains. Use the phone, write letters, and tell them, the president, our congress and senators. Send them a message, short, to the point and demand an answer.

Lawrence D. Okendo, US Army Airborne, retired

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