Comfort Found In Memories Of My Father



This Sunday is Fathers Day, and that is a very special day. Don't forget your father; tell him just how much he means to you. The sad thing in life is we have to grow up before we realize just how important they are to us. Fathers are the center of our lives. We learn from them, and we want to be just like them, and many times we grow up to be just like them. But, sometimes we take them for granted.

When we are young we don't understand why we have to be disciplined. We don't know until we are older that it is for our own good.

My father passed away 11 years ago. I miss him like it was yesterday. He never got to see my daughter and she never met him. Although, you would say they were twins. If you knew my father you would say she is just like him --ight down to the birthmark on her foot to the dimples on her face. She has his same temperament and humor.

He knew how much I wanted to have children and I think when he got to heaven he asked God to give me one. I miss him so much.

He was a great father and made me the strong person I am today. He made all of us laugh and there isn't hardly a day that goes by when I don't talk to him and think what he might do if he were in my situation. I still shed many a tear as I look at his picture and wish he were still around.

I still have many, many memories. I can sit down and still hear his laugh. He was one of those people who when he laughed, it filled the room and you just had to laugh along because it was contagious. You could walk in a room and hear laughter and know it was him because of his laugh, and that is a sound I will cherish forever.

Remember, you never know when the Lord will decide to take them home. Make the most of your relationship. Time is so precious.

For all the fathers, try to spend more time with your children. Remember you are molding them as you go through life. It means more to them then you could possibly ever imagine. Take a day off from your busy schedule and spend time with your children.

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. A very special Father's Day to my dad who is still molding my life from heaven.

Meeting at fire station

This Saturday, June 14, from 9 a.m. to noon there will be a meeting at Christopher Kohl's Fire Station 51 regarding volunteer staffing during fire season. If you are concerned about the community, fire season and public safety, please attend.

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