We Owe Our Support To Our Seniors



Since I have been involved in town government, I have heard that our Main Street Fire Department and Senior Center have been in the way of progress. There has been a lot of talk about wanting some of our high paying tax businesses to relocate also. That is neither here nor there. At this time, I want to focus on our Senior Center.

Our seniors are very important to our community. We are all advancing to that place in time in our lines. If our town wants that land for the betterment of Main Street, then we, as a community, should relocate our seniors with no cost to them. Our seniors should be at the top of our list to support. They are the backbone of our country. They have gone before us to make our country what it is today. They should not have to fight, or beg, for our help and support. The building should be one of the best in town. When our seniors show good that shows the heart of our town. I feel our heart attitude can be gauged by our giving to our seniors.

If the Center wants to move to help our Main Street project, it should be up to them, not just a few people. Sometimes we think we know more than we really do. We get focused on what we want and not what is really important -- like our seniors. A lot of them are on the last part of their journey of life. Let us help that be the easiest possible, with a building, food, and transportation.

I read in the May 30 paper that the Seniors requested $50,000 to fund their facility and the council originally agreed to give them nothing. After further deliberation, they agreed to $30,000. I witnessed the mayor mention he would personally like to see the Seniors get at least some funding. We need to support our seniors even if it is a high cost to our community.

The Library, Habitat for Humanity, Humane Society, etc. are all great and have a part in our community, but our first and primary concern should be our seniors. Let us make this stand for them; they can no longer do it for themselves. We, the younger generation, should not make them beg or plead for help or funding. We owe it to them to support them fully.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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