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Q: The problem of dogs barking at night has gotten really bad in a number of areas in town. Last night, I was blessed with an entire choral group of about six dogs in the area doing a 1 a.m. barkathon. Is there any solution to this issue?

A: "Sounds like out around my neighborhood," town Animal Control Officer Don Tanner joked. "Seriously, there is a town ordinance for barking dogs," he said. "It is good 24 hours around the clock. The ordinance states that it must be continuous barking for a one-hour period. It's kind of rough because when people just get woken up by dogs, there's not much I can do about that."

When a dog barks for a continuous hour, call the Payson Police Department non-emergency dispatch number (474-5177). If they have an officer available, they'll send one out.

"If there is not one available at the time, they'll print me a hard copy and put it in my mailbox," Tanner said. "I'll call the reporting party and then try to narrow it down. It's always helpful if you know the exact address where the dog lives. As far as multiple dogs, I ask the reporting party which are the biggest problem dogs and I start from there and work my way down. Again, try and give me addresses of where the dogs live."

Q: The question has been raised before about the police report in the Tuesday paper. I'm just curious why it's printed some weeks and not others. It seems to be selective reporting on some people being reported as arrested and others not.

A: "We always run the police and arrest record," Roundup publisher Richard Haddad said. "Sometimes, because of space, it will run in the very next issue, but we don't drop any of them."

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