All Restaurants Are Not Created Equally



Re: "Where Have all the Good Waitresses Gone?"

In response to Ms. Chlupsa who seems to think there are no decent restaurant servers in the Rim country, may I suggest that she drive up to Creekside Steakhouse in Christopher Creek. There she will find conscientious, intelligent servers who will give her the kind of service that she seems to find lacking in the Payson area.

Contrary to Ms. Chlupsa's belief that all servers come out of the "Payson Gene Pool" -- whatever that means -- there are servers in the Payson area who actually do go out to dinner themselves and know how to treat customers with respect and dignity. They work extremely hard for the money they earn, less than they deserve, I might add!

So, before you judge all restaurant servers by your bad experience, maybe you should reevaluate the restaurants you have patronized. If a restaurant allows poor service, then they deserve to not get your business. That's how things are done in Payson.

Ricki Aiken, Payson

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