Town May Dump Its Recycling Program


When the Payson Town Council takes another look at the proposed budget at 6 p.m. Thursday, one of the items that won't be included in the latest draft is the cost of the newspaper recycling program.

The council is seriously considering dumping the program because it costs the town about $26,000 a year to operate. Councilor Dick Reese wants his colleagues to examine the pros and cons of the current program carefully.

"I learned from (Public Works Director) Buzz (Walker) that the town for three years has given $26,000 a year to Waste Management to receive and dispose of our recyclable materials," Reese said. "When I asked about a reciprocal, quantifiable return of any kind on that expenditure, the response was (that) we are out of pocket that much and that we got nothing more than the satisfaction of knowing that we're participating in a recycling program."

The meeting is open to the public.

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