A Lucky Visit For Father's Day



Sunday was a very special Father's Day for the guests at Wooden Nickel Cabins.

I had been telling them all weekend how elk come to visit us and about Lucky 13 and how beautiful he is.

Well, there weren't any elk around until Sunday morning. That's when Lucky decided to make an appearance in all his glory -- and he decided to bring along a friend, another small bull.

Although still in pajamas, everyone started running with cameras in hand to take a picture of Lucky 13.

Mr. and Mrs. Box, from Show Low, were staying with us, along with their son and daughter. They were able to get some pictures of the big guy.

I also had two groups from Oklahoma who got a kick out of Lucky. They said as I talked to him, it was as if he was listening.

Then I yelled at him to drop my flowers and stay away from my newly planted trees, but it took a couple of claps to get him out of the yard. Luckily he only managed to pull out two flowers this visit.

Even though I really like it when Lucky comes to visit, I get upset with him when he pulls out my flowers and then spits them out because he doesn't like the taste.

When I yell at him, it's as if I am scolding a child. He will look at you and bow his head as if he knows he is being bad.

Our visitors couldn't believe just how close you can get to these big guys, and how they were not afraid of me. But you have to remember, Lucky has been around since he was a little guy -- if there is such a thing as little in an elk.

I am not sure I would get that close to another bull. This is not something I recommend. They are still wild animals and you never know what they are going to do.

Remember it is extremely dry outside and there is no open burning allowed. It wouldn't take much to start a fire with all the dry debris lying in the forest. So, please be extra careful -- we love our forest.

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