A Reader Vents About Greenspoon, Gvp



After a visit to my cardiologist, I was told to blow off some steam and relieve stress, so here goes:

Karen Greenspoon: over-rated, and over-paid. Good luck to the town she is going to. They're gonna need it.

Green Valley Park: Great place for kids to fish. Just be sure they can cast a long way to clear the muck and trash that encircles the lake.

Green Valley Memorial: Wonderful idea. Now let's hire some people to clean up the three foot weeds that surround it, so we can enjoy the memorial.

Taylor Pool: Beautiful article in this paper. Just be sure you are ready to listen to the whistle-blowing lifeguards every time your child looks like he, or she, is having a good time.

Taylor Pool passes: What pool passes? Five days after the pool opened, Parks and Recreation were out of passes. Waited seven days to get them.

Ken Murphy: It's such a shame he can't walk on water like some of the people in this town. Keep up the good work. On second thought, he could go to Green Valley Park and walk on the water there.

Thank you, I feel much better now.

Denella Randall, Payson

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