Look What Happened To Santa Barbara



I wonder why it is that the folks wanting to close up Payson always seem to be those who are already there.

I own land in Payson and should the town attempt to prevent my utilizing it, the town will face a tenacious lawsuit, the costs of which will ultimately become part of that "any price" Vee Gooding appears to be willing to pay.

Anyone who wants to see what happens to a closed-up town should spend some time in Santa Barbara -- no longer a nice to live for ordinary folks. One must be either poor or rich to live comfortably there.

The water issue is a classical red herring -- with reasonable technical effort, our water consumption can be reduced to 5 or 10 percent of the present levels. Of course, water-oriented gardens have to go, and the pines must rely on nature as they have done for countless millennia.

Incidentally, the effort behind the development of the required technology would in a modest way help restore our economy to health.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Sun Lakes

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