Most Priests Are Faithful To Their Vows



Thank you, Mr. Spud Henry for your sage advice to the Vatican on how to run the Church (Payson Roundup, June 13).

Trouble is, the current sex abuse crisis has nothing at all to do with celibacy. It is a homosexual crisis involving young boys, not women.

Well over 90 percent of priests are faithful to their vows of chastity and celibacy, which they freely choose after long years of preparation and plenty of time to change their minds.

Anglican priests have always been free to marry, but struggle with the same temptations and failures to keep their vows of marriage.

In the secular, as well as the religious, world, I am sure that you know that marriage does not prevent anyone from straying off the reservation. Need I mention Bill Clinton, Gary Hart, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rev. Jim Baker, Jack Kennedy, Scott Peterson, King Henry VIII, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Prince Charles, all the way back to King David and beyond?

It's not marriage that prevents sexual abuse, it is faithfulness to one's vows and to God's commandments, which require everyone to be celibate until married and faithful thereafter.

Ann Barrett, Payson

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