Schwind Receives Award From The Governor's Office


The town has named Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind as its recipient of the inaugural statewide Mayor's Physical Activity Leadership Award.

Mayor Ken Murphy nominated Schwind for the award that recognizes individuals in the community who have made significant contributions in physical fitness.

"It makes me feel good to be recognized for the things we do," Schwind said. "We have a very hard-working and dedicated staff-- hats off to them and everyone else who helped us along the way."

The Parks and Recreation department has eight full-time employees who take care of paperwork, programs and maintain over 100 acres of parks in town.

"We do what we can to improve the quality of life in Payson through the parks and the recreation programs we have," Schwind said.

The programs are in high demand.

"Our programs are pretty much full all the time," Schwind said. "We are busting at the seams."

Schwind says they do what they can with the facilities and manpower they have to make Payson a community that encourages recreation and healthy living.

Rudy Perez Jr., Executive Director of the Governor's Council on sporting and physical activity, runs the program that sponsors the award.

"We are pleased to help Arizona communities recognize those citizens who actively promote physical fitness and good health."

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