Tired Of Attacks On Murphy



I can't stand it; I read every edition of the Roundup, and every edition prints letter after letter, and article after article, attacking Ken Murphy, (written basically by the same individuals again and again), but the article in the June 17 edition regarding the accountability group was the last straw for me. So, this is my response to the "anti-Murphy clan."

Every one of us has done things we're not so proud of. Have all you good Christians ever heard of "casting the first stone?" Think about it the next time you attack someone who has made a mistake.

Mr. Murphy just can't make you happy; he's done a very positive thing in his life by joining the accountability group and trying to become a better person. What business is that of yours anyway?

Councilwoman Buettner says the councilmen involved in the group "don't bring any of this into the council meetings," so just what is the problem? Now, a public figure has to account to other public figures and the newspaper about their private and personal time spent trying to enrich their lives? What next? Shall we ask all the council members what they do with their private lives?

Then, there's Councilwoman Brewer who reaches the height of ignorance stating "it smells like McCarthyism to me." My history book defines McCarthyism as "a witch hunt to expose communists." Where are you coming from ... let's call a witch hunt a witch hunt.

Let's not, by any means, leave out Mr. Crowley, whose diatribes can be read each week in the Roundup. Do you have a job? If you are employed, your employer can't be getting his money's worth, because you couldn't possibly spend time working and spend full time trying to destroy Ken Murphy. If you are not gainfully employed, then use your time doing volunteer work, or, perhaps, Mr. Haddad will publish a novel by you on "The Evils of Payson Politics."

Lynne Golliglee, Payson

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