Town Clarifies September Ballot Pamphlet


After receiving some complaints about a phrase, the town is reprinting an information pamphlet with brief descriptions of what issues will be on the ballot in September's election.

The pamphlet was mailed to voters in an effort to inform them of the upcoming ballot issues, which include three bond initiatives and acceptance of the town's general plan.

The problem arose when some people who had received a copy of the information pamphlet questioned its wording.

"We received a few calls from people about the language in the pamphlet," Town Clerk Silvia Smith said.

The description read:

"Submitting the question of the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds of the town in the principal amount of $4,505,000.00 to provide funds to improve, construct, reconstruct and rehabilitate the streets, avenues, alleys, highways and sidewalks within the town; acquire, install, construct and reconstruct street lighting, and signalization; to construct facilities and acquire equipment used for street purposes; and to acquire land and interests in land or right-of-way for transportation purposes, to the qualified electors of the town of Payson."

Those who complained took issue with the inclusion of "construct facilities and acquire equipment," which were not mentioned in the public works capital improvement project list.

According to Smith, the language used came from the town's bond lawyer and is standard for street project bond initiatives.

"The bond issue is still the 12 street projects," Smith said, referring to the capital improvement project approved by the town council to become a bond initiative.

Resolution 1809, passed by the town council at last night's budget meeting, allowed the town to change the ballot language.

"We're clarifying the wording," Town Manager Fred Carpenter said, hoping to resolve any confusion.

The public works project consists of improving roads such as Mud Springs, Frontier, Bonita and Manzanita, putting a stop light on the North Beeline Highway at Airport Road, and sidewalks on North McLane Road. None of the projects include constructing facilities or acquiring equipment.

The new information pamphlet is in the process of being printed and will be mailed to registered voters.

For any questions regarding the pamphlet or September election, residents can call town hall at 474-5242.

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