What's Up?


Q: Eleven people recently graduated from the Northern Arizona University-Payson Campus. Why weren't they featured in the graduation section of the newspaper?

A: Take a closer look. They were featured in the special graduation section included with the Tuesday, May 20 Roundup. In that section, an 8-inch article listing all 11 NAU-Payson grads appears on page 12 under the headline "NAU - Payson graduates."

Q: I understand that when the two airplanes crashed during the Payson Aerofair, emergency responders had some trouble getting to them because there aren't enough gates for access to the runway. Is the town going to address this?

A: Absolutely, according to airport manager Ted Anderson.

"I've contacted the FAA on what we need to do -- add more gates -- so I'm going through that process now," Anderson said. "Hopefully we'll get their OK to, one, add more gates, and two, to determine the funding for those gates -- whether we can get a grant or have to fund it from the airport budget.

The 8-foot fence, incidentally, is a big game fence, to keep elk and other large critters from wandering onto the runway.

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