Accountability Groups Desperately Needed



Thank you for providing another opportunity for Payson area residents to learn more about some of the basics of the Christian faith through the article entitled "Group seeks to remind leaders of Christian values."

Even though the general tone of the article was negative about men who are striving to improve their Christian walk, there were several truths published, such as Christianity is "a relationship with Christ" and that being a part of an accountability group (which also involves many encouragements and prayers) can be very helpful for those who seek to live "by the standards set by Jesus Christ."

For others who truly seek to follow the Jesus of the Holy Bible as their Lord and Master, excellent guidelines for accountability groups are published in a book co-authored by Rev. H. B. London, Jr. (cousin of, and co-worker with, Dr. James C. Dobson) entitled "The Heart of a Great Pastor." In that book, various accountability group guidelines are quoted from John Wesley (used in the early days of Methodism), from Dr. Charles Swindoll and from a Moody magazine article written by Jerry B. Jenkins.
Even Jesus himself (the perfect example) was part of an accountability group with his apostles (especially with Peter, James and John) until Judas Iscariot decided to "go it alone").
Ifhoever reads this desires to be serious about their Christian walk and to be part of an accountability group, please contact me at my e-mail address, aprayer@cybertrails. com.

Strong accountability groups, plus many other types of prayer groups, can be a vital part of the desperately needed revival for this area.

Jerry Green, Payson

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