Healthy Forest Act Must Be Passed Now



Driving into Heber tonight the town was filled with smoke. My stomach turned as the memories of last summer came to my mind.
I was going to myon's house, he isn the fire department. I asked him where the smoke was coming from. It is the Picture Fire, its only 30 miles away and could be a threat to Heber/Overgaard again.

The town of Young could be evacuated by the time you get this e-mail.
The only thing that keeps me sane is focusing on the Healthy Forest Restoration Act that is in the Senate. If we do not change the regulationshat govern the way we manage our forest thenothing will change on the landscape.

So once again, please send a response to the Senate Agriculture Committee. Tell them it is critical that we have this bill passed this summer. You can e-mail (Sen. Cochran senator@ and Sen. Carpo (senator@carpo.senate. gov).

Do it today. Please we must let our voices be heard above the flames.

Sylvia Allen, President, Freedom for America League

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