Town Should Keep Recycling Program



Ah! Payson ... listed as third in the world in the Chamber of Commerce brochure for its clean air quality. How could anyone balk at spending our money on a recycling program?

I have lived in Payson since April ‘95 and came here via San Diego, where there was curbside recycling at the mobile home park where I lived. There were different bins at each curb for aluminum, paper, plastic and glass.

Since I've been in town, there has yet to be any program initiated for plastic or glass recycling. I cannot believe how this could be so. I love to drink Propel and I end up storing lots of plastic bottles in my basement for trips to Phoenix. What about the folks who don't have this kind of storage or who don't want to crowd the storage areas they do have?

The plastic gets burned in the town dump? What happens to our clean air then? And now the town wants to dump its newspaper recycling program into the dump too?

Donna Steckal, Payson

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