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Q: On the northwest corner of Oak and Main Street, I recently saw a person spreading top soil. Apparently he's going to plant a lawn. It's an older house that looks like it's been fixed up some under the Main Street project. What's going on? Is this going to be paid for by the taxpayers and what about the water shortage? Does Buzz Walker know about this?

A: Under the town's new water conservation ordinance new grass or turf areas are banned after March 1, 2003, but at the property in question an existing lawn is simply being refurbished. In fact the owner is adding mulch. which will reduce the amount of watering necessary to maintain the lawn, according to Karen Greenspoon, Main Street project manager.

No Main Street money was, is, or ever will be used to fix up the house or any other residence in the area. The owner of this particular property (and several others in the Rim country) lives in California and is turning the house into a rental. "He fixed it up himself," Greenspoon said. "Please make it perfectly clear that he has received no grant money at all."

Q: I just saw a Payson Police volunteer patrol with a radar gun. Are they going to start issuing speeding tickets or are they just icing on the cake?

A: "They aren't authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes to issue citations for speeding," Payson Police Lt. Don Engler said. "However they are authorized to issue handicapped parking violations, so they do enforcement on that.

"What we do with them is when a traffic complaint comes in and we don't have an officer available right at the time we send a volunteer out to work that area. That does a couple things for us: It gives us a count on traffic and it gives us an idea what speeds we're seeing. It enables us to make the best decision possible with the few precious manpower hours that we have that we can devote to traffic enforcement so we can get officers to the areas that are seen as the most serious problems."

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