Where Did All Of The Grass Go?



As a resident of Overgaard, I am eternally grateful for the shelter provided by your city during the dark days of Rodeo/Chediski and as many here are unforgiving of Show Low and the decision to let Overgaard burn while not even a chicken coop had fallen by fire in Show Low. That is why Jane Hull was not warmly received on her visit to Payson fire victim shelter due to the suspicion that her family's interests and home took priority.

All that said, we are trying to rebuild here and last week, on my bimonthly shopping trip to Payson -- not Show Low -- I was unable to purchase tall fescue grass seed at Wal-Mart because it was removed from the shelf on orders of the town fathers.

Whether anyone is aware, many folks from up here are now shopping in Payson. Phoenix is a long way to have to go for grass and I'm not even talking about the illegal smoking variety.

Wake up and look around, the universe does not rotate around little central issues anymore.

Roger Stanislaw, Overgaard

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