Cardiac Program Moves, Expands


This weekend the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program, offered by the Mogollon Health Alliance, will have a new home with expanded opportunities for the participants.

The MHAX III program will be presented at the Payson Athletic Club at the corner of N. Manzanita and Highway 260 beginning June 30, according to MHA Executive Director Judy Baker.

"It is a much larger space, so more people can participate," Keven Rush, owner of PAC, said.

Pre-enrollment is now taking place.

The MHAX III participants will get a sneak peak at their new facility at an open house, Baker said. The plan is to have the event between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., Saturday, June 28 at the PAC. She said the program participants will receive special invitations and refreshments will be served. The sneak peak is open to everyone else as well.

Currently, the program has about 40 people enrolled, and some of them have the fee subsidized by MHA. New enrollees, who meet the qualifications, could have part or all of their fees subsidized as well, Baker said.

The MHAX III will be supervised by medical personnel, plus the participants will have access to additional equipment in the PAC. The PAC clients will get a benefit too -- when the MHAX III program is not under way, the athletic club members can make use of the additional equipment, Rush said.

"This matches really well with what we want to do, which is become a wellness center," Rush said.

As for MHA and the MHAX III program, "This is the best thing that can happen," Baker said.

Moving MHAX III to the PAC allows both facilities to expand their services.

The MHAX III name is being expanded too. It is now MHAX III Health Plus.

The objective is to assist clients and their families in achieving their highest possible level of function and independence following any injury or illness. Programs included in Health Plus are: Phase Three Cardiac Rehabilitation; Post Physical Therapy Rehabilitation; and General Health and Wellness.

A whole array of conditions have been identified by MHA that would benefit from the Health Plus services, including those with cardiac disease, hypertension, stroke, arthritis, joint replacement surgery, injuries from accidents, fibromyalgia, low back pain, diabetes, inability to complete tasks due to insufficient energy, many other injuries and physical conditions.

The added services available to participants with the move to PAC are: walk-aerobics, "Sittin' Fit," "Senior Stretch," yoga, Pilates, group aerobic classes, additional personal training, cardio-theater, and more.

Another added service is the access to multidisciplinary team members: program director, respiratory therapist and certified nursing assistants, all with experience in cardiopulmonary programming.

Although the program name is changing to MHAX III Health Plus and it's moving to a new home, the philosophy for the programming will remain the same. Every individual participant has their own unique health and fitness profile; everyone has their own needs, interests and goals.

At Health Plus, a fitness consultant will provide personal attention that knows and understands each person's profile.

The consultant will work with the participant beginning with their initial assessment on through the development and implementation of their customized program. As the client's needs and interests change, the consultant will help adapt their program and will remain available with informed support, a commitment to seeing participants achieve their goals, and personalized, knowledgeable service.

For more information contact MHA at 472-2588 or the PAC at 474-0916.

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