How Well Do You Know Old Glory?



How well do you know your flag? We have recently observed Flag Day, and will soon celebrate Independence Day. How many flags will be posted that are not the true (National) American Flag?

Our (National) American Flag has three colors. If you count red, white, blue and gold --- oops!! That gold fringe has serious implications. That four-colored flag is an Admiralty Flag, a Military Flag, and all in its presence come under military jurisdiction.

These excerpts from several websites will give some information on the meaning of the gold fringed flag:

The gold fringed flag that is used widely by our courts, schools, and many service organizations is NOT a symbol of our constitutional republic, or national Union of States. It signifies a military jurisdictional presence. This is why in every Federal Court room in America, the flag has gold fringe. They are all running under the color of the law and going by maritime law." Under maritime law, one is presumed guilty until proven innocent. ("The Manual of Courts Martial", U.S., 1994 Ed., pg. IV-34, PIN 030567-0000, U.S.)"

" ... when the fringe is placed around the flag, it denotes a military battle flag, not a national flag. Now the lawful status of a citizen becomes important. For in a military jurisdiction, where the court-martial tribunal displays the fringed battle flag, it may impose criminal sanctions to issues involving contracts, without due process of law. In a Judicial Department Court under the national flag, as described in the Constitution, as is in the Preamble, for the United States of America, as well as in State Constitutions, due process must be observed and followed, with all the protection of Constitutional Law."

President Dwight Eisenhower, by Executive Order No. 10834, (August 21, 1959 and printed in the Federal Register at 24 F.R. 6865), stated: "A military flag is a flag that resembles the regular flag of the United States, except that it has a yellow fringe border on three sides." The authority for fringe on the military flag is specified in Army Regulations 840-10, Oct. 1, 1979.

The adornments (FINIAL) on the top of the flag pole are for military use only. The gold eagle is for the use of the President of the United States only, and only in time of war. (Army Regulation 840-10, chapter 8). (-J. Krim Bohren)

Will you be flying "Old Glory" on Independence Day?

Pat Thomas, Payson

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