Picture Fire No Threat To Creek Residents



Everyone is concerned about the smoke that we are seeing from the Picture Fire. Let me assure you that we are quite safe.

Mike Cassidy, who is at the command post for the Picture Fire, came up to Christopher Creek Sunday and showed us on the map exactly where the fire is, and how far away it was from us even though we are seeing a lot of smoke on windy days. He said that, because of the high winds, we will continue to see some smoke, but when the red flag days are over it should subside.

Donna Nemth, from the command post, said the fire is 60 percent contained, and officials are hoping to call it fully contained by today (June 25) or tomorrow. Nemth said that, because of the terrain and fuels, it is very remote that it would ever reach us. You can rest assured that they are doing everything possible to contain this fire. They are working 24-hour shifts.

According to Nemth, they have cut dozer lines and done burnouts. Try not to worry about the smoke. But, you must remember we are still at extreme fire danger here and there is no smoking outside and no fires. Report anyone who is not obeying restrictions to the fire department. Just because they are getting the Picture fire contained doesn't mean that we cannot have another fire. Bark beetle infestation and no rain make it very possible for problems.

A note on last week's column. The person that named Lucky 13 was not myself or my family, it was Dotty Christofferson who lives here in Hunter Creek. Although Dotty and I think alike, she gave Lucky his name. I also think 13 is a lucky number. I am not a superstitious person. I happen to love black cats, and they can cross my path anytime, and I have also been known to walk under a ladder or two over the years.

Want your children to have some fun? Vacation Bible School will be from July 21 through 25 at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church in Christopher Creek.

For more information, and to register your child, call Tracy or Teresa Purtee at 478-4337.

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