Proving The Need For Accountability



Many have asked me to write a letter to rebut all the recent comments regarding our accountability group of which the mayor is a member.hey have also expressed concern over the repeated negative press coverage provided by the local newspaper. have decided my response could really be wrapped up in one single word: "Thanks!"hanks for helping prove the need for accountability.
Isn't it interesting that the same people who chastise the mayor for not living up to their expectations are now ridiculing him for attempting to be a better person?

Mayor Murphy has been publicly called to task for his past actions; actions that were regrettable; Actions he regrets.nd what did he do?e decided to hold himself to a higher set of standards --tandards he found in the oldest history book on earth: the Bible.
Does this instantly make him perfect?oes it ensure he will always do everything the way you want?f course not.e are all humans.nd there was only one who was perfect: Jesus.
If you want to know more about why someone would do this or what difference it would make, you should read the Bible or attend a Bible-based church.

It is also important that we see this for what it really is.ome people hate some of the people in this group and will go to any length to cast a negative light on them.
Concerns regarding separation of church and state?ur agenda is only to help each other with our personal struggles and hold each other accountable to Christian principles.
As for why women are not invited to our group, hypothetically speaking, if you ladies out there had some sort of sexual struggle, would you want to share it with me? hope not and I'm sure my wife does too.
The point is that some concerns of men are more easily and more appropriately shared with other men. That shouldn't be hard to understand.s for our group "smelling like McCarthyism," well that's a deep canyon of ignorance I don't have the strength or the will to hike.ood grief!

Regarding the Roundup's constant coverage: I have known a number of you for many years.eck, I even worked there myself for a short time. know first-handhat many of you subscribe to a high code of journalistic ethics.t must be very difficult to work with your present publisher's agenda.eep a stiff upper lip though.y parrot still finds the paper "on target" every week.

Randy Roberson, Payson

Note: The management and staff of the Roundup have no agenda against Mayor Ken Murphy. The stories that have been published represent news that was controversial simply because of his position as a community leader and were brought on by his own actions. The Roundup has at times been critical of the mayor's politics, but ultimately we support him as the elected mayor of our community and have published numerous reports about the good works he has been involved in that benefit the town.

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