What's Up?


Q: I read the letter in the Roundup from the man who lives in Overgaard who couldn't buy grass seed at Wal-Mart because the town of Payson asked them not to stock it anymore. Is that true?

A: Yes, the town of Payson did ask Wal-Mart not to sell grass seed about two weeks ago, since new lawns are prohibited in Payson under the town's water conservation ordinance, according to Wal-Mart general manager Danny Bell. "Of course, we can sell whatever we want as long as it's legal, but we wanted to be a good neighbor, so we pulled it," he said.

Q: What is parks and rec doing digging the big trench and the new construction next to their office on Green Valley Park Lake?

A: "We tell everybody it's going to be a bait shop," Parks Director Bill Schwind said with a laugh.

Seriously, it is the base preparation for the new public restroom.

"It is scheduled to be delivered on July 10 and will be open that afternoon," he said.

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