Get The Forest Thinning Started Now



J.D. Hayworth, Jon Kyl and their pals in Congress are playing politics with your home, your family, perhaps even your lives. This is the game. President Bush has proposed -- something called the "Forests Initiative." This bill picks a fight with conservationists about whether there should be logging and new road building in remote areas of the National Forests. They have tied money to be used for thinning the areas around where we live to building roads in the middle of nowhere. This will be tied up in lawsuits and wrangling for who knows how long. When a fire strikes, these politicians will try to blame it on the conservationists and the conservationists will deny it. But, where does this leave you and me? With smoldering ashes instead of a home.

I urge you to call Mr. Hayworth, Mr. Kyl and Mr. McCain and let them know that money for thinning our forests near where people live should have nothing to do with a political argument between big logging interests and conservationists. Let them argue about logging in Timbuktu until the cows come home, but get the job of thinning around populated areas started yesterday.

Craig Crane, Whispering Pines

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