There's A Reason For Candy Code



We have had numerous comments about the theatre staff acting as the "Candy Cops" or "Candy Nazi" regarding taking outside candy away from customers inside the movie theatre. We would like to comment on this.

First, a big thank you to our customers who purchase our candy from our concession stand and honor the signs posted in our box office and on our front door politely asking patrons not to bring outside food or drinks into the theatre.

For those who do bring in outside food or drinks, we would like to take this time to explain why we are so strict about this policy.

There may be many of you who do not know that the concession stand is where movie theatres make their money, which allows us to operate in this community and provide jobs for local residents. Almost all of the box office money from the film goes to the movie studios leaving very little left over for the theatres.

Many of you work in the retail or restaurant business. What would you think of a family coming into your restaurant, bringing in their own food, taking up a table and making a mess? So, in many respects, the theatre is also a food-service business with all the overhead that goes along with it.

I hope this letter explains why we are so strict.

I am sure you enjoy coming to the theatre as much as we enjoy being here for you.

Again, we thank our patrons who honor our candy and drink policy.

Mary Winquist, General Manager, Sawmill Theatre

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