Vice Mayor Files Order Of Harassment Against Mayor


Vice Mayor Barbara Brewer filed a court order prohibiting harassment by Mayor Ken Murphy.

Brewer's petition for the order states that Murphy called her around noon, Friday, June 27.

"He was angry and yelling," she said, detailing the profanity Murphy used.

Murphy denied, in writing, that he used the crude words attributed to him and said, "I addressed Brewer as a ‘stuck up witch.' It does not surprise me that she would embellish the statement I made."

When initially contacted about the incident with Brewer, Murphy said he did not want to talk. However, after speaking with his attorney, Murphy requested the Roundup's questions be in writing and said he would respond in writing.

"I called Vice Mayor Brewer on her cell phone ... I was told by Councilman (Dick) Reese of personal attacks leveled at my fiance coming from Judy Buettner," Murphy wrote. "These personal attacks are untrue and malicious ... Councilmembers Buettner and Brewer are alter egos of one another. Their Beauty Parlor ‘manners' are at the crux of the generation of rumors, innuendos and falsehoods related to my fiancée."

Brewer said she had no idea what Murphy was talking about when he called her.

She added that she was told not to talk about the incident.

"Officer (Tom) Tieman told me that I wasn't supposed to talk about it because now it's going to be under investigation by the county attorney and possibly DPS. It wouldn't be under our police officers' direction because of their conflict -- problems going on with the mayor."

The sheriff's office served Murphy with the harassment order Saturday night.

Tieman said he advised Brewer not to talk about the order.

"It's common procedure if an investigation is ongoing," he said. "All I did was suggest."

Police Chief Gordon Gartner said the police department will be protecting Brewer, and will respond if there are subsequent incidents. The police have simply turned the investigation over to the county attorney's office, providing it with the initial information, reports and statements.

Brewer said Murphy called Buettner as well, but she did not make a complaint about it. Murphy did not respond when asked if he had called Buettner.

According to the police report, Buettner also called police about a call from Murphy. Police statements made by Buettner and her husband, Jim, indicate the mayor called their home at about 12:30 p.m. Jim took the call because Judy was involved in a meeting.

In his statement, Jim related that Murphy said, "‘Tell that bitch if she ever says anything against me, my girlfriend or about my business, I will take serious action' ... My first reaction was that he had threatened her with bodily harm."

Buettner said about 15 minutes after Murphy's call, Reese called her and said he'd related to the mayor a conversation they had, which she considered private. In her statement, Buettner said, "I tried to call Ken ... Julie Barcom answered and started yelling at me. She would not allow me to talk to her and I assume Ken. She then hung up. I do feel threatened by Ken Murphy. He has a violent temper ..."

Buettner told the police she had spoken about the matter to Town Manager Fred Carpenter. She said "he was concerned about this getting into the newspaper." She said, "Carpenter advised me to not give the police a statement."

Brewer told the police she felt threatened by the mayor as well. Talking to the Roundup, she said,"I was so shook up -- I was really upset. I am staying in my house with my doors locked because I don't know what (Murphy's) doing," she said.

Additional information in the police report stated the mayor smelled of beer and was seen with one in his hand at the Central Arizona Association of Governments golf tournament Friday morning.

Murphy denies he had any alcohol. He said in his written statement, "As part of the tournament I consumed one ‘virgin' bloody mary (without alcohol) at 7 a.m.

"Alcohol intoxication is not at issue, but again part of the ongoing malicious exaggerations and attacks. ... Personal attacks on me are one thing -- but spreading disgusting trash about my fiance will not be tolerated by me or any decent man."

The only contact the court order allows Murphy with Brewer is during official council business at scheduled council meetings.

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