What's Next? Water Terrorists?



I told Payson long ago about this -- now there is to be at least one water-cop.
Undoubtedly, he/she will be done-up in two-tone blue, and drive yet another city-owned vehicle and all the expenses that entails.
Granted the altitude is high in Payson, but it is not high enough to explain this kind of air-headed behavior on the part of our obviously giddy elected officials, for whom only the electors are to blame.

Once you have water-cops, next in line are water-terrorists (pranksters) who will turn peoples garden-hose faucets on just to see the victim squirm when the water-cop knocks. They will be sure to turn in the victim via an anonymous phone call to 91Water.
This will surely quicken sales of lockable outside faucets, assuming that they are offered at the local hardware.Hmmm ... I declare, a business opportunity.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Payson/Sun Lakes

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