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Q: Why doesn't the town put crosswalks across the Beeline in certain places so cars have to stop because you take your life into your own hands when you cross that highway?

A: The town doesn't administer Highway 87. As a state highway, it falls under the jurisdiction of the Arizona Department of Transportation.

"National studies indicate that mid-block crosswalks are very dangerous because the pedestrian thinks the motorist will stop and the motorist is not expecting to have to stop in a mid-block location where they normally are not encountering things like that," ADOT Traffic Engineering Specialist Randy Blake said. "Even though the motorist might have good intentions and not want to blow through a crosswalk, their expectation isn't to be ready to stop there. It's a perception problem, and the accident rates are very high at the mid-block crosswalks."

Incidentally, according to state law there is an implied crosswalk at every intersection even if it isn't painted. But Blake doesn't even recommend crossing there.

"Crosswalks should be at signals where the traffic is controlled and the pedestrian movement is protected," he said. "When you're coming up to a light, you're ready to hit the brake or to turn or something. You're looking for that. But mid-block you're just cruising down the road."

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