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Q: How long is it safe to keep tap water for drinking in five gallon plastic containers?

A: Six months tops to prevent bacterial growth and contamination, according to Karen Probert, water quality specialist for the town of Payson. The water department recommends storing at least a three-day supply of drinking water (at least one gallon per person per day) for each family member. Water should be stored in clean glass or food grade plastic containers such as 2-liter soda bottles with tight-fitting, screw-cap lids. Containers should be non-vented to prevent air intake and to prevent unauthorized materials from contaminating the water. Bottles should be stored in a cool, dark location such as a closet.

Q: Is there a Payson ordinance prohibiting two motor homes and a golf cart on one residential property?

A: The short answer is no, according to Gary Butkus, town planning specialist. The Unified Development Code states that trailers or recreational vehicles stored on residential or commercial property cannot be used as a permanent dwelling or be connected to a sewer system. They must be parked on the property and not on the street. And they must be owned and registered by the property owner.

"In other words, you can't courtesy store them for others or store them for money," Butkus said.

But there are no regulations on the number allowed if they fit the above parameters.

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