Christopher Creek Is Digging Out



Christopher Creek is starting to thaw out after getting nearly 4 feet of snow. This was definitely one of the heaviest snows we have ever seen.

As we drove into Payson, I counted 17 snowmen from my place into town this weekend. People from the Valley were out in droves parked anywhere they could to build snowmen and have snowball fights. Someone even built one on the overpass on Hunter Creek Drive.

Business brief

Christopher Creek Business Owners had their meeting at Creekside Restaurant, Tuesday night. As business owners in the community, they had an opportunity to work together as a group and discuss several issues: taxes, marketing, fire control, and the highway bypass.

Each business owner had something to discuss.

The main topic of discussion was the assessed tax valuations on the increase for businesses. During 2002, they experienced the effects of the Rodeo-Chediski Fire and subsequent forest closures, along with the new highway construction, they said that the businesses had suffered a 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in total revenues.

This year, with the continued highway construction and the bark beetle devastating the forest, this will definitely cause premature forest closures and again reduce their gross revenue.

In order to survive, Christopher Creek businesses are appealing the 2004 tax valuation and asking for a reduction of the 2003 valuation. Christopher Creek businesses are seasonal and in most cases with the 2004 valuation it would take three to four months of our entire gross profit just to pay their real estate taxes.

Bucky Haver talked about the plans for the Grande Lodge and what they had to offer the community. They are hoping to keep Creekside Restaurant intact. Building should start in about a year on the far side of the creek.

Steve Adams invited everyone down to Kohl's Ranch to see the new Horton House.

Kevin Mystrom, owner of the Landmark Restaurant, has four festivals lined up for this summer, which should generate business for everyone.

Next meeting is at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 5.

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