Neighbors Help Save Pike



Saturday the first day of March was truly a miracle day for our family.

My daughter and our horse headed out for a ride in the woods, when the next thing I remember was her running up to me yelling, "Pike (our horse) fell into the cattle guard."

When I got there, Pike was completely down, his back leg twisted under him, the other two legs also down through the guards. I didn't know what to do, except pray. One of my neighbors, Jim Martin, and my son Zack went for help. Then, my prayers were answered -- looking up while holding my horse's head, I saw my answer in Jeff and Debbie Vaughn, Bud Gillespie, Jim Martin, Kathy and Byron Simmons, and John and Olivia Covelli. They all worked together, getting plywood to put under any legs that came free, making phone calls, putting blankets on a cold and scared horse, and holding Pike down when he would start thrashing, mostly saying prayers for a miracle to get our horse out of there without breaking a leg.

Then, Dr. Drew Justice arrived. He calmly walked over to Pike, checked his vitals and then went to work. It was such an awesome sight to see him pry our horse's legs out of the guards ever so gently, yet with the strength needed to get Pike's legs loose. The next thing that I remember was rolling Pike over and giving him a few minutes before standing up, no broken bones!

With a very slow walk home with Pike by my side, I thought this was truly a miracle, and thanks to all for their unselfish and caring hearts!

Tom and Susie Belcher and Pike, Payson

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